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Fuzion is one of the newer top brands in the pro scooter market that is increasingly popular with park riders and intermediate riders alike. Fuzion Pro Scooters was ranked as one of the best scooter manufacturers in the world. This should come as no surprise to those who are familiar with the brand, as their products are worthy enough for every skill level.

Here at Kryptic Pro Scooters, we have their pro scooters, especially their 2021 and 2022 models, in a variety of color and style options. Not only do we have their most modern professional scooters, but we also have plenty of their scooter parts and other accessories.

We carry both boxed decks and non, that come in several lengths, widths, and weights to best match your requirements. We also have Fuzion wheels–all in pairs that are in the ideal size of 110mm–with hallow, spoked, or solid cored. Depending ont the wheels you choose with depend on the hardness.

Other accessories we have from Fuzion include hex grips, nylon brakes, and pro scooter stands.

We are always updating our offerings from Fuzion, so stay up to date with our newest items. Any questions? Give us a call at 505-256-8858.


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