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Ethic DTC Scooters is one of the world’s leading scooter brands with its top-level pro scooters and scooter parts such as decks, bars, and wheels. As the name implies, Ethic DTC’s production and vision are based on ethical values. The brand aims to design high-quality scooters and parts that are accessible to everyone by investing in the development and emphasizing respect for the sport.

Ethic scooters, decks, and bars are known for their lightweight construction, beautiful design, and advanced technical features. For this reason, some of their products such as Ethic Erawan decks and scooters, are best suited for intermediate to advanced level riders to get the full potential out of them.

The French brand was founded in 2012 by pro scooter riders, and since then Ethic DTC has produced some of the best parts and complete scooters on the market at competitive prices. For many years now, Kryptic Pro Scooters has been a proud dealer of Ethic DTC's awesome parts and scooters. 


Ethic DTC

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