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Hella Grip is a company that concentrates on making awesome scooter grip tapes and handlebar grips. The Hella grip tape is more than just your standard tape as it is produced with an adhesive that is water and tear-proof with a carbide grit formula. This means scooter riders will have a responsive deck that grips strongly to their shoes when needed. On top of the quality design, the graphics range from sleek minimal prints to bold and colorful displays so that you will always find something to meet your tastes.

Based out of Oakland, California, Hella Grip is owned and operated by scooter riders. Since 2012, their product range has been growing and become very popular among those scooter riders that are building their own custom setup. Kryptic Pro Scooters has proudly been selling Hella Grip tape and Grips in our shop since their inception and we are excited when a new Hella design drops. Whether you are a beginner or pro rider and looking for a fresh new grip, you can feel secure with Hella Grips.

Hella Grip

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