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    Do you have what it takes to join an elite list of riders representing Kryptic?

            Email us an edit of your riding along with your name and location.





Jacob DeVries





Ryan Bade

Ryan Clear

Zach Goldman

Danny Wilent

Zach Wilson

Caleb Touchberry

Mikal Holbrook

Kyle Schoof

Brent Sexton

Aidan Koybayashi

Santos Trujillo

Connor McCarty

Ben Kmatz




DISCLAIMER: These clips contains video and/or images of professional extreme sports athletes. All viewers/riders are responsible for their own actions/safety. These are NOT instructional videos. Kryptic Pro Scooters accepts NO responsibility or liability if you attempt to copy or simulate these tricks in any way. Extreme sports are dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. Kryptic strongly recommends the use of protective equipment such as a helmet, pads and fully enclosed shoes at all times while scootering.

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