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One of the most reputable brands for pro scooters is Envy.

Envy Scooters have been a force in the scooter industry for years. The Prodigy series is the undisputed #1 pro scooter in the world. The perfect size for most riders just getting started, it also allows younger riders aged 11-14 with room to grow into their scooter. For taller riders, the S9 “Street Edition” is a great option since it comes with a taller 25.5” H bar. These classic stunt scooters are evidently highly regarded by scooter enthusiasts since it was unleashed from Envy.

This set the stage for the Prodigy line because it was unlike any other scooter before it, as it was remarkably lightweight (7.55 pounds!) yet strong and sturdy (aluminum bars and decks). Not only do we have the remarkable Prodigy Series from Envy, but we also carry their other outstanding series, including Envy Colt, Envy Kos, and Envy One. We have a wide range of all the aforementioned Envy scooters to properly match you with your dream scooter. Browse our various Envy scooters to find the right one for you and your skating experience.


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