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Founded in 2009 in Michigan, USA, Tilt Scooters makes a wide range of scooter parts and components. Tilt’s scooter bars, headsets and scooter decks have gained a reputation for their durability and quality of build.

Tilt started out by just making scooter pegs but the brand now has an extensive product range of scooter components. Tilt’s team riders collaborate with the development and testing of their new products to ensure that they are of the best quality.

Constantly drawing upon the latest technology in pro scooter production Tilt is also known for dropping exclusive collections that have been consistently popular, so keep an eye out for your next addition.

Looking for products from one of the most popular and industry-leading brands in the scooter world? Then you have come to the right place. Lo and behold, the famous Tilt Scooters. Tilt Scooters was founded in 2009 in Michigan and has since exploded in the American scooter industry. This is due to their high-quality scooters and other products, but especially their durable and reliable scooter decks. They also typically specialize in providing products for those passionate street riders who need scooters and parts they can trust won’t break beneath them!

Here at Kryptic Pro Scooters, we happily connect our clients with top-of-the-line scooters and other products from Tilt Scooters. We have an abundance of options for you to choose from:

● Scooter decks
● Complete scooters
● Grip tape
● Wheels of varying sizes
● Bearing spacers
● Brake kits
● Scooter bars
● Clamps and forks
● Bar grips and ends
● Cool stickers

And so much more, as our inventory is always expanding!

Whatever you require or desire to get the most out of every single ride, we have just for you here at Kryptic Pro Scooters. If you have any questions about our products from Tilt Scooters or any other quality scooter brands, give us a call at 505-256-8858. We can’t wait to help you take your riding experience to the next level!


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