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Envy Pro Scooters is recognized worldwide for their wide range of superior quality pro scooters and pro scooter parts. Envy offers pro scooters for kids of all levels and ages. For the younger set, Envy created the beginner Envy One S3 range. This is a perfect pro scooter for kids aged 5-9 years. The Envy Colt S4 Pro Scooter is the next size up and is ideal for ages 7-12 that are advancing in their skills. The Envy Prodigy S8 Pro Scooter is a great fit for Pre-teen and Teen riders and the Envy Prodigy S8 Street Pro Scooter was designed for riders that want more of a "street style" scooter that can also be ridden in the skatepark. The Envy KOS Pro Scooter rounds out the Envy range with its premium parts and unique design. Envy is also the industry leader in pro scooter parts. Whether you are looking for 110mm or 120mm pro scooter wheels, premium hand grips for your bars, grip tape for your deck, a durable pro scooter fork or a super smooth headset, Envy pro scooters has you covered. They offer a great warranty and customer satisfaction is their priority. We at Kryptic Pro Scooters believe Envy is top notch when it comes to pro scooter brands and we always recommend them highly. Always feel free to give us a call or drop us an email if you need any pro scooter advice or questions answered. We have many skilled technicians to help guide you and get you out there riding! 



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