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Flavor is an Australian brand that produces complete scooters and scooter parts. The brand is best known for its parts and stresses attention to detail with everything it produces. As a result, products such as Flavor scooter decks, wheels and forks are considered some of the best around. The brand’s aim is to produce scooter parts and completes that riders can rely on as they progress through their scooter journey.

Flavor Scooters was launched in 2007 by riders who aimed to boost the Australian scooter scene. The brand has now established a presence all over the world and supports riders in Australia, New Zealand and France. Flavor has previously collaborated with some big names in the scooter industry such as Kevin Demay to ensure the highest quality products.

Flavor Scooters has grown along with the rest of the scooter industry and constantly adds new technologies and designs to its products.


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