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We know that every part of your pro scooter matters, especially the scooter bar.

They provide you with very necessary stability, of course, but being that it is one of the very few parts of the scooter that is physically connected with you, it supplies you with much more than just stability. Scooter bars allow riders to be comfortable while riding, provide them with steadiness and even confidence for every push and even grind.

Depending on your personal preferences and requirements, you may need specs that differ from nearly everyone else, such as the material. Aluminum is a happy medium for many. However, we have enough pro scooter bars to satisfy nearly any preference, comfort level, height, goal, and rider. Our scooter bars come from the top-rated brands in the scooter industry, such as Ethic, Affinity, Aztek, Envy, and more.

Our bars have a variety of potential looks and feel, like Y-bars, T-bars, which are preferred by street riders, and bend bars, which are used by park riders. We even have push-in bar ends. No matter what specificities you are looking for in your scooter bars, we can supply them to you and your every ride. If you have any questions about our bars, be sure to email us today!


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