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Eagle Scooter Supply is the premiere pro scooter wheel manufacturer dedicated to making the fastest, longest lasting scooter wheels available. Eagle

Scooter Supply also make high quality pro scooter parts like grip tape, forks, wheel bearings, hand grips and tools.

By February 2008, Eagle sent its first order of scooter wheels to SkaterHQ in Australia and from there expanded into the freestyle scooter industry

worldwide. Eagle dedicated their factory in Holland towards the manufacturing of hand-poured performance wheels specifically engineered for freestyle 

riding, quickly becoming the market’s leader, setting the bar for high quality scooter wheels and craftsmanship.

Eagle Supply is part of the FSP Group, the parent company of premium brands like Addict Scootering. Kryptic Pro Scooters has proudly been selling

Eagle Supply pro scooter components since 2011.


Eagle Supply

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