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Warranty Policy 

Kryptic Pro Scooters does not handle warranty claims directly.  You will need to contact the manufacturer below.

All products are subject to their individual manufacturer's warranty policy 

Kryptic Pro Scooters does not control this policy. 

A warranty is for a defective product only and does not cover damage from the use of product "Wear and Tear." 

A receipt with the proof of purchase and the owners name is required for all warranty claims. 

All warranty claims should be submitted DIRECTLY to the manufacturer. Some but not all of the manufacturer's warranty policies are provided below.

*Policies are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.





You will need to email

Please note: Warranties on Envy products are only valid if you have a proof of purchase.

Envy Metal core wheels:
The Envy Metal core wheels come with a 30 day manufacturer’s warranty.

This will cover
- De-hubbing of the PU tyre from the wheel core
- Ovalising the hub bearing housing

It does not cover
- Chunking of the wheel: Chunking is when the wheel PU breaks off in “gouges” caused by riding on rough surfaces.

Envy Forks
Both Envy Threaded and Non Threaded Forks come with a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.

This will cover
- Breaking or Bending (except the axle)

This will not cover
- Breaking or bending of the axle
- Damaging the thread
- Misuse or poor set up
- Any modifications to the fork

Envy Handle Bars
Envy handle bars come with a 30 day manufacturer’s warranty.

This will cover
- Bending or breaking of the bars

This will not cover
- If bars have less then 40mm of fork tube inside the bars
- If you modify or cut your bars
- Scratching or chipping of paint
- Misuse of your bars

Envy Decks
Envy Decks come with a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty

AOS V2 Decks come with a six month manufacturer's warranty on the head tube.

This will cover
- Snapping or visible cracking of the deck
- Function of the deck

This will not cover
- Any damage caused by misuse or abuse to the deck
- Scratching or fading of paint or anodizing
- Damage to the headset cups due to bad set up or lack of maintenance
- Dinting of the deck down tube
- Modifications to any part of the deck, including drill holes
Please note: Scooter decks are subject to extreme pressures and stress. To increase the life expectancy of your deck, avoid constant fly-outs (jumping to flat) and make all attempts to land smoothly, minimising the shock to the deck. All Scooter decks are prone to failure – it’s a fact, as they are constantly grinded and put under extreme pressures.

Tips to make your deck last longer:

- Always land with your knees bent to absorb the shock
- Keep everything tight including your axles and headset
- Avoid grinding on rough concrete
- Limit the amount of fly outs you do
- Never throw your scooter

Envy Clamps
Envy clamps are covered by a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.

This will cover
- Breaking of bolts and clamp body

This will not cover
- Cross threading the bolts
- Stripping of the bolt heads by using rounded-off Allen keys
- Scratching of paint or anodizing

The Envy Complete 
12 month manufacturer’s warranty on hardware failure excluding wear and tear.
All warranties will be void if this product is modified in any way. This includes using after-market products, poor maintenance, abuse or misuse.



Madd Gear warrants their scooters to be free of manufacturing defects or hardware failure for a period of ONE YEAR from the original date of purchase. Please retain your original receipt as proof of purchase.

This limited warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, wheels, hand grips nor any damage, failure or loss caused by improper assembly, maintenance, storage or use of the product.  This warranty is void if the product is altered or modified in any way.

Madd Gear is not liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage due directly or indirectly to the use of this product.

For all questions including warranty replacement or repair, product usage, technical support or set-up, please contact Madd Gear directly at


**This limited warranty DOES NOT cover normal wear and tear of wheels, hand grips nor any damage, failure or loss caused by improper assembly, maintenance, storage or use of the product. This warranty is void if the product is altered or modified in any way. Madd Gear is not liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage due directly or indirectly to the use of this product.  

How Do You Make an MGP Warranty Claim?  ,  or  email  the  information  listed  below,  or  call  888-­924-­8644:   -­  Your  full  name,  mailing  address  and  phone  number   -­  Description  of  the  problem  and  part  (if  it  is  a  brake,  please  indicate  if  it  has  a  1  or  2-­bolt  assembly)   -­  Photo  of  the  broken  or  defective  part   -­  A  copy  of  the  receipt  of  purchase     -­  Model  and  lot  number  of  scooter   -­  Name  of  the  retailer  you  purchased  the  scooter  from 2.  Upon  receipt  of  this  information,  you  will  receive  a  Claim  Number  and  information  regarding  how  your  part(s)           will  be  obtained  and  shipped  –  including  an  estimated  timeline. 3.  Upon  shipment  of  the  part(s),  you  will  receive  a  tracking  number  for  the  shipment.






Before you even file the claim make sure that you have all of the following that is required.

1. The item you want to warranty.

2. A dated proof of purchase.

3. Clear photos of the warranty issue with the PROTO product.

4. Where you bought the item from.

If you have all of the above it will speed up the warranty process. Also if you are missing one of these please do not file a claim until you have everything that is required. 



Please use the link on the bottom of this page.  Please complete the form in full to expedite your claim. 

In the event you have a product issue, please use the warranty claim section and complete the form entirely. 

After a warranty claim has been filed, in the event your claim is approved, we will replace your item with the same item if possible, otherwise, a similar item is provided.

Any correspondence, questions, or issues regarding warranties should be sent to:  Please insure you reference your warranty claim number in the subject line of your email.

The best way to get ahold of us for warranty issues is to email us! #


Usually it takes a few business days for us to get back to you once you complete a warranty claim. After those few days, you will receive an email about your claim.

IF and AFTER you are approved to return warranty items, please note:

-We will not return bearings on wheels, so please remove them. Also, only send the particular damaged item to us, as other items, parts, pieces, may not be returned you (even if you purchased as part of a pair).

-Please insure that you include a note inside your shipment that identifies your warranty claim number, your name, address, and other details. You should be able to print this from in an email we will send you.

-Please DO NOT send your part in without first getting an email requesting that you do.

We do not accept any items back for warranty purposes that have been tampered with, or altered in any way. For example no drilling, cutting, dying ect.

With such an enormous emphasis on quality it is no surprise that nearly every aftermarket component sold by PROTO Scooters is also accompanied by some of the most comprehensive warranties in the sport! 


All Handlebars carry a lifetime warranty on welds!


All Forks carry a lifetime warranty on welds!


All Clamps carry a lifetime warranty on cracking! Stripping of the threads on the clamp is not covered under warranty. It is considered user error and will not be replaced.


All Necks carry a 1-year warranty on cracking!


All Decks carry a 90-day warranty on cracking! Brake mounts are NOT covered under this warranty!


All Wheels carry a lifetime warranty on "delaminating" (where the urethane cleanly separates from the core leaving no trace of adhesion) and a 90 day warranty on all chunking (where a piece of urethane tears from the core)!

NOTE: "Flat-Spots" are not covered by our warranty and are considered user-error. Wheels are warranted by the wheel NOT by the pair even if purchased as so. Also wheels that have been “dyed” are not accepted for warranty because they have been altered from the original purchase.





Tilt leads the industry when it comes to quality and machining tolerances. There are many systems put into place to ensure only quality products leave the manufacturing facility. However, if any issues arise, Tilt will always stand behind the products riders buy and rider hard.


All warranties are for the original purchaser and is non-transferable.


The following is not covered under warranty:


  • Stripped thread holds, stripped or broken bolts, and bent or broken washers.
  • Damage caused by improper adjustment or normal wear and tear.


The following will void the warranty:


  • Product modification.
  • Stripping, sanding, or in any way removing the anodized surface.
  • Removing aluminum material.


If an item has been warrantied by Tilt, the warranty replacement cannot be submitted for a warranty claim.


Tilt reserves the right to refuse a warranty claim. If a product is believed to be damaged outside of the conditions listed above, a replacement product may be offered at a reduced cost. Tilt reserves the right to exchange a damaged product with an alternate model and color.


Any product sent in for a warranty claim must be shipped to Tilt at the customer’s expense.


Go to page below to submit a claim: