The Top Fuzion Pro Scooters Priced Under $150 (2019)

The Top Fuzion Pro Scooters Priced Under $150 (2019)

Posted by Tanner Warner on 12th Jan 2019

We have had a lot of questions regarding the best pro scooters for under $150. We are going to review the best 2019 Fuzion Pro Scooter model in that price range, the Fuzion Z250. When you are looking for the best pro scooters for sale, don't look for cheap pro scooters. Make sure you are educating yourself about the actual scooter parts and components that are on the scooter you are interested in because this is where the price differences come into play. Below are descriptions and specifications of the new 2019 Fuzion Pro Scooter Z250. These specifications outline how the Z250 model differs from other more expensive scooters in the Fuzion range. The Fuzion Z250 is a good beginner pro scooter that can accommodate a more intermediate rider as well. As the pro scooter rider becomes more advanced at the skatepark or street riding, his or her scooter should accommodate their current size and ability so they can keep advancing in the sport of freestyle scooter riding. Check out our pro scooter size guide on our website for a height chart and some guidance in selecting the right height of bars for the rider.

The 2019 Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter is designed to meet the needs of the up-and-coming rider starting to go big.Optimized with Fuzion’s high-end components and designed to be compatible with most aftermarket parts and upgrades. The Z250 is ready to get scooter riders on the pro circuit without breaking the bank. 

Z250 Specs:

$139-$189 (depending on color)

Entry level to intermediate

Deck: Aluminum 19.5 x 4.25

Fork - Sculpted Steel 

Compression: IHC (internal high compression) 

Bars: Drift Riser Bar 23" x 22" -Chromoly Steel

Grips: Oversized 155mm Hex

Wheels: Trace 110mm with Split 5 aluminum core (hardness: 88a PU)

Bearings: Fuzion Abec 9

Total Weight 8 lbs