Mastering The Basic Tricks

Posted by Austin Walker on 3rd Sep 2015

    I't comes with the nature of freestyle scootering that mastering tricks becomes one of the athletes first priorities. It is essential to all riders that they get down the basics because scootering builds on it self. The accepted basic trick's include tailwhip, heelwhip, barspin, 180, and 360. It is extremely important to master these 5 basic tricks because it gives you a solid structure to learn more advance tricks. When practicing tail whips, remember the motion is in your hands, all your feet do is to help flick the whip, or get it started. What helps some people is to pretend your drawing a circle with both hands on the bars, this helps give you the gyration feel you need to master this trick.  For barspins, muscle memory is the key, lat you scooter sit on a curb and practice the motion of a barspin, you will soon find out what method works best for you, either the follow through method or throw and catch. As for 180's and 360's you need figure out which way you spin naturally, left or right. When performing the trick remember that your body goes where your eyes and shoulders are facing, so turn your head and shoulders, lean into it and spin it around. I hope this helped! Now go shred!