An Intro to the Pro Scooter World.

Posted by Austin Walker on 1st Sep 2015

     A lot has happened in 16 years after the first Razor scooter was introduced 1999. Scooters are no longer known as little kids riding down the sidewalk on collapsable scooters. The Scooter scene developed into it's own community and created an entire industry dedicated to bringing the highest quality parts and advancements to the scooter world. A Scooter is a fairly simple piece of machinery, Broken down between 5 main different sub parts, Deck, Bars, Wheels, Forks, Clamp. Headset bearings are used to let the scooter smoothly spin on the handlebars axis, and wheel bearings are use just as skateboard bearings are. Bicycle grips and skateboard grip-tape are used on a scooter exactly in the same way they are used on a bike or board. In the essence of things a scooter is a true hybrid of a BMX bike and a Skateboard. Being able to grind like a skateboard and taking many tricks from BMX, the scooter has evolved into its own sport. The community is growing exponentially between two main categories; street and park. Street riders take their riding to stair-sets, rails and ledges, while park riders tend to ride ramps and transitions at skateparks. Kryptic Pro Scooters has become the premier online freestyle custom scooter retailer. Since 2011 we've been serving the scooter community only the highest quality brands.