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The 5 Best Pro Scooters For Age 10 and Under


We have had a lot of questions lately here at Kryptic Pro Scooters about the best pro scooter for age 10 and under. It can be confusing for parents to choose the right sized scooter with all of the scooter brands that have flooded the market recently. So, we have broken down some of the best the pro scooters for a beginner (in no particular order).

1. Envy S4 Colt Pro Scooter (or S3)

2. Madd Gear VX8 Pro Scooter 

3. Envy One Pro Scooter

4. Nitro Circus R Willy Replica Pro Scooter

5. Lucky Crew Pro Scooter

For riders younger and smaller than age 10, some good choices are:

 Madd Gear Mini Pro (or Kick Mini)

 Globber 3 wheeled Scooter

For beginner pro scooter riders that are a little taller you could consider:

Madd Gear VX8 Team Edition Pro Scooter

AO Quadrum or Maven Pro Scooter

We hope this list can get you started on your journey to finding the perfect pro scooter for your younger rider.

These are all great scooters that come from some of the best known brands with the highest quality pro scooter parts but they are reasonably priced.

If you are still confused about sizing your rider to a scooter, please check out our sizing guide one our website www.krypticproscooters.com or call us at the shop to speak with one of our technicians which all ride pro scooters everyday and know what they are talking about!


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New ROOT INDUSTRIES Bars at Kryptic Pro Scooters!

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