River RAPID Wheel 110mm (Matt McKeen Sig.) Black/Silver

River RAPID Wheel 110mm (Matt McKeen Sig.) Black/Silver

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*PRICE IS FOR 1 WHEEL, Wheels are NOT sold in pairs*

River RAPID Wheel 110mm (Matt McKeen Sig.) Black/Silver

River Wheel Co. was founded and developed by Andrew Broussard of Proto. Through a lot of vigourous testing with different urethane compounds, hardnesses and manufacturer's, Andrew finally found what he says to be the ideal compound. River Wheels are USA manufactured, for high quality.

River Wheel Co. offers their wheels in 2 different styles. First is the Blue Glide Wheels, which use a softer compound. The soft compound will give you more grip in the slippery skateparks, it allows the wheel to flex more and grip in the bowl corners. Second is the Orange Rapid Wheels, which use a harder compound. The harder compound allows for more speed, but the trade off is a little less grip. The River Wheels weigh 7.5 ounces each. They include bearing removal slots in the core in case your bearings brake. These wheels are sold individually. Now include River Flash Flood Abec11 Bearings!

Matt McKeen is the pretty much the innovator of the scooter street scene. With every edit he drops, he always seems to be 2 steps ahead of the rest of the world. River Wheel Co picked him up and recently dropped his new signiture Rapid wheel.

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